BESTAR was founded in 1978 as a regional steel service center. The primary goal was to ensure raw material supply to local manufacturers of industrial cutting tools. At a time when small-sized steel mills were being closed down and liquidated across Europe, the idea of co-operating to cover the raw material requirements of saw and knife manufacturers formed the basis for the foundation of the company in December 1978. After more than 30 years the core idea has not changed. BESTAR is still focusing on supplying specialty steel to the cutting tool, saw and knife industries.

In the years following BESTAR quickly advanced to become an independent business enterprise. BESTAR matched the exacting quality and reliability standards set by the industry, and rapidly became an internationally recognized service center. Today BESTAR is supplying steel into more than 45 countries worldwide.

The product portfolio evolved as well. In addition to the "classical" products such as hot rolled wide and narrow strip or cold rolled strip for saw plate manufacture, BESTAR’s product offering has grown to include tool steel and high speed steel sheets, stainless products, flat bars and round bars.

An important factor in BESTAR’s continued success is its close and personal contact with its customers. BESTAR's management, sales and technical teams work closely with their customers to understand the challenges they face in a global economy. This solution-based approach helps BESTAR's customers to remain competitive and innovative while achieving our mutual goals.