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Since 1978 BESTAR has been supplying specialty steel products

of the highest quality for manufacturers of industrial tools, saw blades and knives.

Our delivery program includes:

  • Hot rolled strip

    (hot-rolled wide strip, medium-wide strip) in grades such as BE2003 (1.2003 / 75Cr1), BE2235 (1.2235 / 80CrV2) and BE2703 (1.2703 / 72NiCrMo4-2)

  • Cold rolled strip, hardened and tempered for

    • circular saws in BE2003 (1.2003) and BE2235 (1.2235)
    • wood belt saw in BE1248 (1.1248), BE2791 (1.2791), BE8159 (1.8159) and BE5634 (1.5634)
    • rock gang saw in BE1248 (1.1248), BE5634 (1.5634) and BE4310 (1.4310)
    • wood gang saw in BE2003 (1.2003) and BE2235 (1.2235)
  • Sheets and Plates in

    • tool steel grades such as BE2067 (1.2067), BE2379 (1.2379), BE2345 (1.2345), BE2360 (1.2360 / Chipper), BE2510 (1.2510) and BE2842 (1.2842)
    • high speed steel grades (HSS) such as BE3343 (1.3343) and BE3333 (1.3333)
    • corrosion and acid resistant grades such as BE4034 (1.4034), BE4112 (1.4112), BE2083 (1.2083) and BECUT
  • Flat bars

    flat bars in tool steel- and HSS-grades to 810 mm width

  • Round bars

    round bars in tool steel- and HSS-grades to 600 mm diameter

A high quality standard is one of BESTAR‘s global “trade marks”. Thanks to this standard, a small, local steel service center has evolved into a leading global supplier and partner of the cutting tool industry with customers in over 45 countries around the world.

Thank you for visiting this website. We invite you to learn more about our products and our company.

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