Dennis Wagner

Managing Partner (CEO) BESTAR Stahlhandelsges. Remscheid mbH
Managing Director BESTAR LLC
Managing Director BESTAR Steel Limited

Dennis Wagner started his career at BESTAR in 1996. After completing his high school diploma he completed an apprenticeship as a banker with a major German bank and subsequently attended university in Essen. Through an internship at the US subsidiary of a German steel group in Detroit in 1994 the idea was born to expand BESTAR’s activities to the American continent.  After completing the internship Dennis Wagner began implementing the American activities. In the summer of 2001 he moved to Atlanta where he founded the subsidiary BESTAR LLC, where he was to become a managing director. Despite geopolitical challenges and economic crises the company grew steadily in the USA and following the example of the German parent company developed into an important steel service center for the tool, sawing and knife industry in North, Central and South America.

In 2007 he also took over the sales management in Asia where BESTAR had been active since the mid-nineties but did not have its own location. In order to improve the service and the expansion of the activities Dennis Wagner founded BESTAR Steel Limited in Hong Kong in 2010 to better serve customers in the Far East.

Today Dennis Wagner manages the BESTAR Group, which has been family-owned since 2006, together with his father Hans-Joachim (Hajo). BESTAR supplies customers all over the world. From Australia and New Zealand to Asia, Europe and the Americas, BESTAR is the source for steel for manufacturers of industrial tools, saws and knives.

Dennis Wagner is a member of the board of directors of the German-American Chamber of Commerce (AHK) in Atlanta and the German-American Cultural Foundation. In his spare time his attention is with his wife and his two children who share his passion for German soccer team Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Ulf Möllers

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer (CMO)

Ulf Möllers grew up and trained in several Spanish-speaking countries, and has worked for the BESTAR Group since 2008. As CMO, Ulf Möllers is responsible for the strategic direction of the BESTAR Group.
His area of responsibility includes pricing and product policy as well as distribution and communication activities.

Stefan Hilgenstock

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Stefan Hilgenstock has been working at BESTAR since 2005 and is responsible for technical customer and supplier support, product quality and the quality management system. He learned toolmaking and then studied materials engineering. In addition, he trained as a quality and environmental officer and is a trained lead auditor.

Marcus Zeumer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Marcus Zeumer has been responsible for Finance, Human Resources, IT, Operations and Administration since 2016.  The improvement of process management and the further development of the digitization strategy are key issues of his area of responsibility.

Ira Watts

Executive Vice President BESTAR LLC

Ira Watts, originally from Moenchengladbach, Germany, joined BESTAR LLC in 2002. As Executive Vice President, Ira oversees all areas of the business, including sales activities in North, Central and South America as well as procurement.

Alan Zwickel

Vice President Sales & Marketing BESTAR LLC
Director of Sales & Marketing/Business Development BESTAR Steel Limited

Alan has been in the steel industry for over 20 years, having learned the intricacies of steel production and metallurgy with a major steel manufacturer before joining the BESTAR Steel Group in 2005.

Today, he oversees the sales operations for BESTAR LLC in The Americas, and works closely with Dennis Wagner and Maggie Lam at BESTAR Steel Limited on business development projects throughout China and Southeast Asia.

Maggie Lam

General Manager BESTAR Steel Limited

Maggie Lam joined BESTAR Steel Limited in September 2012 in order to better serve customers in Asia/Pacific Region.  Her responsibility is managing the daily operations for BESTAR Steel Limited.

Maggie gained experience from various industries before joining BESTAR.  She has a service-oriented spirit dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction.