Those BESTAR-Grades with symbol at the end of the row offer a Material Data Sheet. A click on the Symbol will open a PDF in either a new browser window or it will be automatically downloaded (depending on your browser settings).

All available grades and conditions can be downloaded here as as PDF.

BESTARGerman StandardDIN ENUSAJapanDATA SHEETKohlenstoffstahlLegierter StahlWerkzeugstahlRostfreier StahlSchnellarbeitsstahlVerschleißfester StahlProduktgruppenMesserSägenBandsägen GattersägenSonstige
BE1204C55S1.1204AISI 1055S 55 CMkssssg
BE1211C60S1.1211AISI 1060S 60 CMssg
BE1231C67S1.1231AISI 1070S 70 CMkssbdsssg
BE1248C75S1.1248AISI 1075S 75 CMpdf-iconksssaebdsgtsssg
BE0038S235JR1.0038UNS K02502kssssg
BE0045S355JR1.0045UNS K02702SN 400 Akssssg
BE0976S355MC1.0976ASTM A1011SPFH540kssssg